Best Practices Continue at StopPATH WV

Keryn continues to offer sound advice to AEP/FirstEnergy.  Keryn’s Best Practices series is based on a notice we received last winter about a presentation on public relations “best practices” to be given by AEP/Allegheny employees at an electric industry conference.

3:00 – 3:45 :: Leveraging Lessons Learned

Tom Holliday, Director of Communications Services, American Electric Power

Doug Colafella, Manager, External Communications, Allegheny Energy

American Electric Power and Allegheny Energy are applying best practices to help gain approvals for the Potomac-Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH), a 765-kV project extending 275 miles through West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland. Learn how the two companies are working together to apply successful strategies for grassroots outreach, community involvement, and public education while contending with project delays, entrenched opposition, and the economic downturn.

And this was from a January 2011 conference.  I think they need a new lever.  “Successful strategies”?  In less than two months, their little project went away.  Oh yeah, “entrenched opposition”, that’s us.

Here in WV, Doug Colafella is known as the li’l coal feller.  Here’s a link to the famous Charlie Foxtrot, if you want to see PATH’s “grassroots outreach” in action.

If there is one person I would want running my PR campaign, it would be Keryn.  Here is the #4 installment of her best practices series.  A word to Charles Ryan Associates — you won’t like it.

If you are a citizen activist fighting power lines or other large corporate projects, you should take a look at Keryn’s series.  You will learn a lot.