TrAIL Complaint Making History at WV PSC — Media Blacks Out

I attended two days of hearings in WV PSC case 09-1758-E-C at the PSC building in Charleston on Monday and Tuesday.  This case has been unfolding on the PSC docket for over a year and a half.  The case, as we learned yesterday, goes to the heart of WV law concerning the permitting of high voltage transmission lines in our state.

Throughout two days of hearings, I did not see a single representative of any media outlet in attendance at the PSC.  Perhaps some of them were following the hearings on the PSC Web feed.  One can only hope.  I checked the Web sites of both Charleston newspapers, (both owned by the same company, Charleston Newspapers) yesterday and this morning.  Not a single story on the case or the hearings.

You will have to rely on The Power Line for coverage of this important case.  This case is most important to the people of West Virginia whose interests rarely appear in the state’s media, namely rural citizens who are directly connected to the land in our state.

Because the issues in case 09-1758-E-C are so vital to protecting our land and rural communities, and because this case will have a lasting impact on PSC policies for decades, I will take a number of posts on The Power Line to investigate what has happened in the last few days.

The case will recess for at least a month or so because of the bombshell that was dropped in yesterday’s hearing.  So WV media outlets still have a chance to cover this story, if they care.

Over the next week, I will present my own impressions of the case here on The Power Line.