Heavy Hitters Weigh In at FERC

The Sierra Club has entered the fight at FERC to stop AEP/FirstEnergy from picking our pockets with their failed PATH project.  Keryn and Ali now have significant organizational support at FERC.

Read the Sierra Club’s initial filing with FERC at this link.  It makes a lot of sense.  Here’s a sample:

PATH’s continued collection under its Formula Rate would be unjust, and therefore unlawful, given the project’s current “suspended” status. Granting PATH incentives to build a project whose need is in serious doubt would also encourage other ill-conceived projects to move forward.

Find out more about how you can send your own comments to FERC about PATH’s outrageous claim that they can go on charging us for their dead power line deal.  Keryn has the information on StopPATH WV at this link.

We now have Abby Dillen on our side at FERC.  Abby is the attorney from Earthjustice who did such a great job helping us stop PATH.  The letter from Ms. Dillen and Elana Saxonhouse of the Sierra Club will also give you an excellent short summary of the FERC process.