Power Companies Go After Allegheny/FirstEnergy at FERC

Keryn knows far more than I do about FERC, so I always defer to her accounts of what it happening there.

Keryn has a great post on a FERC case that hasn’t received a lot of attention (kind of like the TrAIL complaint case at the WV PSC) but will have a big impact on what happens in the future with Dick Cheney’s goofy cost recovery system.

Back in September 2008, Allegheny Energy was forced by the Pennsylvania Utilities Commission to eliminate almost all of the TrAIL line that they proposed in Pennsylvania.  The PUC only approved a little more than a mile of TrAIL in PA, instead of the 37 or so miles that Allegheny had wanted to build.  In the fall of 2010, Allegheny presented a plan to the PUC for how they could upgrade their existing lines to do everything they claimed only TrAIL could accomplish.

At the same time, Allegheny had the gall to apply to FERC to recover costs they had incurred on the section of TrAIL in PA that was never approved by the PUC.  What?  You want to recover costs for a line that was never built because it was never approved?  Really?

Anyway, Keryn has been following this other TrAIL case very closely at FERC.  April 1 was the deadline for intervenors to file in the FERC case on having Allegheny pick our pockets for its phantom TrAIL line.  She has a great story at this link with links to FERC case documents and the numerous filings in opposition filed by some of the biggest power companies in the US.

As Keryn points out, with the messes Allegheny left for FirstEnergy with right of way clearing and cost recovery for TrAIL, maybe FirstEnergy is realizing that their due diligence on the merger deal might not have been diligent enough.  On the other hand, FirstEnergy is the company of the 2003 international power blackout and the near disaster at the Davis Bessie nuclear plant.