AEP/FE Want EIS Case Kept Open

Unlike the very open and well documented PSC cases, the federal EIS case seems to take place mostly behind the public’s back.  We have learned that AEP/FE have filed a request with the National Park Service requesting that their application for an EIS for PATH be kept open through December 31, 2011.

There is no reason to keep the EIS process open for a power line that has been removed from PJM’s transmission planning.

Despite the fact that hundreds of participants in last summer’s public meetings in the EIS process gave the Park Service their contact information, and were told that they would be regularly informed of developments in the case, there has been no communication about power company maneuvers sent to anyone.

While many PATH opponents complained about the complexity of the legal procedures at state PSCs, these processes kept all parties informed and all information was regularly posted on the Internet.  Both before the federal EIS process started, and now that PATH is dead, it seems that the federal authorities are very happy to conduct business with the power companies in secret.

As long as the EIS process for PATH is open, the NPS will accept public comment.  We all need to comment to Morgan Elmer, the NPS official administering the PATH EIS, and let her know that the PATH EIS process needs to end now.

Here is the contact information for Ms. Elmer:

Morgan McCosh Elmer, Project Manager
NPS Denver Service Center – Planning
12795 W Alameda Pkwy
PO Box 25287
Denver CO 80225
(303) 969-2317
cell 303-648-1046
fax: 303-969-2920