Mt. Storm-Doubs Rebuild and PATH, the Gift That Keeps on Taking

StopPATH WV has a couple of interesting posts in the last few days.  If you live in eastern West Virginia along the Mt. Storm to Doubs 500 kV transmission line, you might want to check out this post.  The Mt. Storm to Doubs rebuild is part of the real alternative to PATH, but Dominion Virginia Power still needs to treat land owners right during the construction process.  We learned many important lessons during the PATH fight, and one of them is that citizens need to stick together to keep a close eye on the power companies.  At many of their public meetings on the rebuild project, Dominion officials talked a good line.  Talk is cheap.  Only alert citizens and land owners will make sure Dominion does it right.

Keryn is the expert on cost recovery.  She has an excellent post here on how AEP/FE are using the FERC cost recovery process for PATH to hit up all rate payers in PJM for an almost interest free loan in the neighborhood of $30 million.  If you are concerned about your electric bill going up, you need to read Keryn’s description of this scam that has already happened.