Excellent Summary of MAPP Status

Here is a link to an excellent article about the current status of the MAPP project in the Chesapeake Bay Journal.

PJM’s preliminary analysis for the 2011 RTEP has raised a number of questions about the need for MAPP.  The first high voltage transmission line on the Delmarva Peninsula would cause massive damage to wetlands on both sides of the Bay, despite the fact that much of MAPP would follow rights of way for much smaller existing lines.

The reasoning behind MAPP has shifted over the years, as PJM’s claims for the line have deteriorated.  In 2009, Pepco Holdings, the line’s applicant, had to cut off a big section of the line to Delaware because PJM dialed back need claims.  MAPP was originally going to be a major Project Mountaineer conduit taking coal-fired WV and OH power to NJ.  Now that justification is gone.

Then MAPP was going to be a major infrastructure improvement needed because of Constellation Energy’s new third reactor at Calvert Cliffs nuclear station.  That project disappeared in 2010.

Now PJM has to cook up a new claim of need, or MAPP will have to go the way of PATH and face cancellation.

The Bay Journal article states that PJM will provide a more definitive answer concerning MAPP’s fate in August 2011.