Making the WV PSC Better — NOW

We heard a lot in the Democratic gubernatorial primary about how to make the PSC do a better job.  Candidates who should know better proposed all kinds of unworkable “solutions” to the unresponsiveness of the PSC process to the concerns of average citizens.  None of them mentioned the PATH victory, by the way.

Legislators have been talking for years about adding commissioners or having them elected or having direct legislative oversight.

There is a actually a very simple way to begin fixing the PSC without all of these politician pipedreams.  Whoever is governor needs to appoint commissioners who are knowledgeable about the concerns of average citizens, who place the reliability of West Virginia’s electrical system first and who will protect property owners and businesses from the silly projects of out of state corporations.  We need creative solutions to our state’s utility and energy future.  We need leadership from our PSC, not the same old corporate favors.

That’s not hard.  And we can do it right now.

Commissioner Jon McKinney’s current term ends in June — in one month.  Instead of simply rubber stamping Mr. McKinney for another six year term, Acting Governor Tomblin could undertake a search for an innovative, citizen-focused commissioner who has not spent the bulk of his career working for a large out of state corporation, as Mr. McKinney has, or as a lawyer for out of state power companies, as Chairman Mike Albert has.

What about it, Acting Governor Tomblin?  Are you willing to start fixing the PSC by appointing someone who will work for the interests of WV citizens?

Cross posted on Citizens for Reliable Power