AEP Executive Admits APCO Rate Hikes “The Result of Being a Coal-Based Utility”

Appalachian Power CEO Charles Patton spoke to a closed propaganda meeting yesterday in Charleston with “government officials and business leaders.”

Those of you who have followed the PATH failure will recognize this modus operandi – have your executives meet in exclusive closed meetings with the people you want to lobby and then use the media to “catapult the propaganda” (in George Bush’s immortal phrase).

In this case, however, the propaganda was sort of self-defeating.  In the process of standing up for WV’s rubber stamp PSC, Mr. Patton also admitted that coal is the cause of WV’s rising rates.  We have become familiar with power company executives shooting themselves in the feet, and this is another in a long line of those shining examples.

Believe me, I would not be happy if I were a WV PSC Commissioner and Mr. Patton defended me by saying I wasn’t a power company “lackey.”  But that’s just me.

APCO’s Mr. Patton has done a great job of shining a spotlight on our need for Acting Gov. Tomblin to appoint a new Commissioner this June who will fight for West Virginia against the obsolete and expensive coal-based power companies from Ohio that are strangling our state.

For much more on Mr. Patton’s admissions about APCO’s failures go to the Coalition for Reliable Power.