PJM’s War Against NJ Contiues

Here is a link to a good article on PJM’s assault on New Jersey’s sovereignty.

The NJ Legislature is trying to break free of the PJM cartel’s control of the state’s electrical system by investing in three new combined cycle gas powered generating plants.  The Legislature has passed a law requiring that NJ utilities purchase all these proposed plants’ power on long term contracts, completely bypassing PJM’s electricity “markets” which are controlled by large coal-burning power companies.

Here is a great quote from the Chairman of the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities:

“It is our duty to protect New Jersey’s ratepayers. I do not believe that New Jersey forfeited its sovereignty when PJM became the regional transmission operator,” Solomon said following the FERC ruling.

The Reuters article provides a good overview of the situation and some background on the current case before FERC concerning NJ’s attempt at energy self-reliance.

It is too bad that WV’s current PSC does not share Mr. Solomon’s attitude about protecting the sovereignty of WV against usurpation by PJM and FERC.