MD PSC Bows Out – Fails to Protect Citizens

Yesterday, the MD PSC issued its final order approving the withdrawal of the PATH application by AEP/FE.  This brief decision represents the same cowardly failure that we saw from the WV PSC back in March.

Contrast the orders from the WV and MD PSCs with the final order issued by the East Virginia SCC at this link.  The SCC imposed conditions on any PATH re-application that would preserve important data and allow the SCC to accurately evaluate alternatives to simply building a new transmission line.  The SCC’s conditions were reasonable and offered clear protections for the fair and thorough process that the SCC is required by East Virginia law to carry out in protecting the state’s citizens from foolish and predatory corporate behavior.

Not so in MD and WV.  MD PSC Chairman Nazarian refers only to “bad faith” as a reason to impose conditions on a PATH re-application in MD.  That argument is almost a bizarre non sequitur in light of the SCC’s requirements.  The power companies have certainly acted in bad faith throughout the PATH regulatory process, that concern is certainly far down the list, well below the simple duty the PSC has to perform effectively to protect the state’s citizens.