Citizens Need to “Put In Place” Robert Rodecker on the WV PSC

Regular readers of The Power Line may remember my post more than two years ago about AEP CEO Mike Morris’s strategy of “putting laws in place.”

Power company CEO’s have the money and political influence to think years ahead to “put in place” the laws and people that they will need to pursue their long term strategies.  It happened with PATH and it is happening right now with the steady progress of coal-fired rate increases in WV.

Every two years, a WV PSC Commissioner’s term expires.  One such term is expiring tomorrow, June 30.  Acting Gov. Tomblin has the opportunity to appoint a former PSC General Counsel and one of WV’s most experienced utilities lawyers to the PSC.  This lawyer is Robert Rodecker.  Mr. Rodecker is independent of the corporations that control WV’s electrical systems.  In fact, Mr. Rodecker has represented intervenors in both the PATH and TrAIL transmission cases.  In the TrAIL case, Mr. Rodecker worked closely with an expert engineer who testified extensively on the problems with PJM and FERC transmission policy.

Mr. Rodecker, who currently practices in Charleston, has a long history of public interest lawyering, including pushing, in the 1970s, for the easing of billing and collections practices of power companies to help elderly and low income electrical consumers.

We need the expertise and independence of Mr. Rodecker to meet the challenge of making real progress to curb future rate increase, to build a more reliable electrical power system in WV and to respond creatively to new challenges.  You can make your views known to Acting Gov. Tomblin by going to the Coaltion for Reliable Power Web site and emailing your thoughts directly to Gov. Tomblin.  Here is the link.  While you are at the site, be sure to go to the Blog page to see lively discussion of current issues facing WV’s electrical future.

Now is the time for citizens to put our people “in place” to stand up for West Virginia against attempts by Ohio power companies, regional cartels like PJM and FERC to control out state.  Contact Gov. Tomblin now, we don’t have much time.