PATH Cost Recovery Phone Conference

Every year, AEP/FE are required by FERC to hold a public informational meeting to explain the charges they are putting on rate payers for the previous year’s PATH expenses.  This year’s meeting was held as an hour long phone conference.  I listened in this year for the first time and got to hear Keryn and Ali work their magic.  I had my phone on mute so the others on the line couldn’t hear my snorts of laughter.

Keryn does a much better job of analyzing AEP/FE’s evasions and outright falsehoods.  Here is her account on StopPATH WV.  Even if you are not interested in all the finer details, you need to pay attention to the FERC cost recovery process, because it is the means by which AEP/FE will be using PATH to pick your pockets for years to come.