Power Companies Accepting Need to Report on WV Transmission Lines

I reported at the end of June on WV PSC staff attorney John Auville’s petition to have AEP and FE file a comprehensive report on the condition of their high voltage transmission lines with the PSC in thirty days.

FirstEnergy has filed its response here.  AEP has filed its response here.  First Energy included a lot of whining and contradictory claims in their response.  FE reiterates their past claims that PJM’s “plans” (which the PATH case demonstrated are based on profit motives of the cartel’s powerful members and involve clear conflicts of interest to maintain) somehow overrule WV’s sovereignty and the legislative mandates and powers of the WV PSC.

Despite FE’s whining, both FE and AEP admitted that they could provide the required analysis of their high voltage transmission systems in 120 days or about four months from the date of a PSC order to do so.  That means, if the PSC ordered AEP and FE to comply soon, they would have the reports by the end of 2011.

Let’s do it.  Dozens of citizens filed comments in support of this reporting following Mr. Auville’s original petition.  Now the power companies have agreed as well.  Why waste any more time?

Additional note —

I found it very funny that FE’s long whine included claims that PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion process is focused on “reliability” at exactly the time when PJM is overhauling the RTEP process to include many other factors.  I should remind everyone here that PJM’s name for this process, the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, is focused not on rebuilding or improving existing transmission lines, but on building new ones.  Otherwise, PJM would have called its planning process the Regional Transmission Improvement Plan.  Building new power lines is thus a fundamental assumption of PJM’s planning.  No wonder FE wants PJM to control WV’s electrical system instead of WV law and the PSC.

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