Power Companies’ Appeal of Frederick Co. Zoning Ruling on Mt. Airy Substation Heating Up

A report on CAKES’ Facebook page indicates that AEP/FE have filed their brief in their appeal of the Frederick Co., MD zoning ruling that is preventing them from building their “Kemptown” substation near Mt. Airy, MD.  The power companies are appealing last December’s ruling by the Frederick County Board of Zoning Appeals, backed up by the County Commission, which prevented any change in the zoning status denied a special exception to the agricultural zoning status of the farm land they purchased for their industrial facility which they call the Kemptown Substation.  The substation was to be the eastern terminus for PATH and also included at least two empty “bays” to tie in other high voltage transmission lines connecting to the east coast.

As you can see from the comments under the post, Frederick County citizens are itching for a fight.  West Virginians should follow this case, because if the power companies can’t build this substation, it will be even more difficult for AEP/FE to revive the PATH zombie, or any other bad idea transmission project they are cooking up at PJM.

Oh yeah, we are all paying for AEP/FE’s stupid mistake buying farmland before they had resolved these zoning issues.  No one who has followed the PATH project should be surprised at this kind of waste.

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