PEPCO Holdings Cites Delay of “Several Years” for MAPP Project

PEPCO Holdings published its second quarter investor phone conference recently.  Here is a link to the transcript.

Here’s the money quote on MAPP:

While the PJM process is not complete, we expect that the outcome of the evaluation will be a delay of the in-service date for the project of several years beyond the currently planned in-service date of June 2015.

Even MAPP’s builder is pessimistic about PJM’s plans for MAPP.  Looks like PEPCO’s hopes for PJM’s announcement this fall of its preliminary transmission analysis have been dashed.

3 thoughts on “PEPCO Holdings Cites Delay of “Several Years” for MAPP Project

  1. Another “abeyance” in the making? PATH has been delayed “several years” in the future too, according to PJM and the power companies. The actual truth revealed that the “need” for PATH fell off the far end of PJM’s 15 year planning horizon.

    Meanwhile, PATH’s “suspension” continues to cost ratepayers $11M each and every year as a return (interest) on the $106M of CWIP sitting in the rate base. Not a bad return, if you can get it, eh, PATH?

    Are we going to add a “suspension” of the MAPP line to the cost of transmission as well? This has got to stop. I really don’t like those words, “I told ya so!”

    • I agree. These obsolete transmission projects, dreamed up by Dick Cheney and friends, are beginning to lie thick on the ground. They have been granted cost recovery and incentive rates that are being passed on to consumers. FERC continues to allow power companies to pick our pockets while these projects are delayed. These “suspensions” will continue to generate profits for power companies robbing investment capital from real renewable energy sources that can be built at or near population centers without any need for new mega transmission lines at all.

  2. Wanna bet that PJM comes out with another delay of projects currently “in suspension” due to FERC’s issuance of Order No. 1000 and required compliance filings, instead of the “re-evaluation” of the PATH project at the end of the year that they promised us? What’s another $11M between friends, afterall….

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