PJM Scuttlebutt

I was speaking recently with someone who has spent some time talking with PJM engineers in recent weeks.  He reported to me that PJM staffers openly discuss the fact that they believe that PATH is dead, and will not be coming back in PJM’s planning process.

Just thought you’d like to know.

One thought on “PJM Scuttlebutt

  1. Bet the power companies would like to know that too. You’re a regular encyclopedia of useful information, Bill! 🙂 Just a little ray of sunshine!

    I wonder if anyone’s been brave enough to call up Mikey and tell him yet, in light of that tantrum he threw during an earnings call when an analyst suggested PATH might not happen? Maybe they’re waiting until after he puts on his slippers and becomes a tyrant to “the help” in November.

    Although PJM’s “abeyance” of MAPP indicated that PJM won’t have their new planning process in place until sometime in 2012. Therefore, PATH’s gonna continue picking our pockets until at least next year. Oh boy, we can add the 2012 Revenue Requirement to the list of future ways to drive Randy into retirement too…..

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