Responses to the FERC Power Grab

Over at StopPATH’s blog, Keryn has an excellent account of the history behind FERC Chairman Wellinghoff’s most recent power grab.

Keep in mind that the Chairman’s recent initiative to take over all transmission siting comes close on the heels of FERC’s issuance of Order 1000 which also attempts to establish FERC as the uber-authority on national transmission planning, although FERC has no such legal authority.

In her blog post, Keryn has this link concerning comments filed at FERC in response to Order 1000.  The article in Platt’s, the electricity industry journal, notes that NARUC, the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, has filed a request for a hearing on Order 1000.  NARUC, the national association of all state PSCs, states that Order 1000 “oversteps FERC’s jurisdiction, fails to recognize the states’ decision-making authority, and may have the unintended consequence of actually stalling transmission planning and cost allocation.”

NARUC strenuously objects to being referred to as just another “stakeholder” in the transmission process, when state PSCs are recognized in federal law as equal authorities with FERC in the siting of all electrical system transmission and generating projects.

Order 1000 and Chairman Wellinghoff’s recent NIETC power grab will generate lots of push back from state officials and citizens.  Where is the WV PSC and Consumer Advocate Division in this controversy?  Where does acting governor Tomblin stand on this federal attack on state sovereignty?

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