WV PSC Opposes FERC Takeover of Federal Transmission Siting

You can see it here yourself.  The WV PSC did us proud in its comments to the US Dept. of Energy.  Let’s start with their straightforward summary:

The PSCWV has serious concerns about the proposal and opposes it.

And another sentence which I could have written myself (but with some editing):

Based on the documents prepared by the FERC explaining its intentions and the functions it plans on performing in conjunction with delegated authority from the DOE, we believe that the FERC proposal is an attempt to preemptively exercise certification and siting authority that it does not have under the law and that will undermine the authority of States to certify and site transmission projects within their boundaries.

Well said (but with some editing), Commissioners.

Our Commissioners continue with a very apt critique of Chairman Wellinghoff’s attempt to run all federal state siting processes at the same time to ramrod projects through at the state level.  The PSC’s criticisms are a clear statement of the concerns of most people involved in the DoE comment process.  Here they are:

Efforts to jump start the FERC backstop authority will not be productive and will not lead to efficient and timely consideration of the need and the appropriate siting for transmission lines in West Virginia, or, we suggest, in any other State.  Attempts by the FERC to concurrently proceed with Certification and Siting while State proceedings are still ongoing and before the one year period provided for in Federal law has passed, will slow and complicate the process.  It will make it more difficult for the States and by splitting the attention of both the transmission applicant and the States between their own proceedings and a preemptive FERC proceeding and will serve no purpose other than to assure that States cannot develop a full and complete record and act within one year.

Bravo to the WV PSC for standing up for our state and our people.

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