Ireland Holds Farmers Hostage to Get Power Line Rights of Way

Back in April, we linked to this story about a County Sligo land owner who was thrown in jail for refusing to deal with a power company “under false pretenses.”

Apparently, hostage taking by local courts is part of the “negotiation” process for power companies in Ireland.  In County Offaly, a 65 year old farmer has been thrown in jail and now:

The companies claimed they were involved in “positive discussions” with Ms Treacy’s family over the past week and “progress was made towards a resolution”.

Meanwhile, the company had entered Ms. Treacy’s land and destroyed her trees.  Native forest land is relatively rare in Ireland.  Ms. Treacy’s family had protected their own farm’s ecosystem and allowed native oaks, birches and ashes to remain.  Now many of them are gone because the judge allowed Eiregrid to begin construction while Ms. Treacy was held hostage.

When asked if she was afraid of being put in jail, Ms. Treacy responded:

Although aware gardaí would have to come and execute the warrant, Ms Treacy remained defiant and said she wasn’t worried.

“I’m not, I’d rather protect the trees.”

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