Ruh Roh, Congress Going After FERC

Looks like Sen. Bingaman, chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, wants some answers about FERC Chairman Wellinghoff’s latest transmission shenanigans. Politico does not make it clear which “Energy and Commerce Committee” it is referring to.  As you can see, I had initially read this as the Senate Energy and Commerce Committee.  It turns out that it is the Republican controlled House committee.  The purpose of this hearing is much more uncertain in the House.

Republican Chairman Fred Upton from Michigan could be wanting to ask FERC Chairman Wellinghoff about his attempted take over of transmission siting from states or Rep. Upton could use the hearings as yet another ring in the Republican circus attacks on renewable energy.  We will see.

This is from Politico’s Morning Energy report:

FERC UNDER FIRE: The Energy and Commerce Committee announced that it has scheduled a new hearing for next Thursday to discuss electric transmission issues, which is most likely to include grilling FERC on its landmark order on transmission planning and cost allocation released in July. Some critics of the FERC order are leaping at the chance to hear lawmakers criticize the rule. The industry group Coalition for Fair Transmission Policy told ME last night that the order is “ripe for congressional review” and that they oppose “any transmission policy that would hand out billions of dollars in subsidies to clean energy developers and transmission companies when cheaper and greener projects can be built closer to home.”

Ruh roh.

4 thoughts on “Ruh Roh, Congress Going After FERC

  1. What should Manchin ask about? He’s on the Committee too. Hmmmmm, so many possibilities! Shall we suggest some to him, since he’s soooo into looking like he gives a rat’s – ?

    • Ali,

      Note that I have updated my post to show that this hearing is with a House committee. The Politico article, on which I based my original post, was not clear about which house of Congress was conducting this hearing.

  2. The West Virginian on the House committee is McKinley (R-Big Coal). I can’t imagine there’s much point in asking him anything!

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