Take a Look at Obama’s Fast Tracked Power Lines

Here is a great map from Carol Overland’s Legalectric blog showing all seven of the high voltage transmission lines that President Obama has fast tracked with his RRTT:

Note that both the TransWest Express line and the Gateway West line start just south of the Black Thunder mine in eastern Wyoming, the highest producing steam coal mine in the US.  The Wyoming terminus of both these lines appears to be the Laramie River coal-fired power plant with a rated capacity of 1710 megawatts.  The Gateway West line also appears to connect with the big Jim Bridger plant, with rated output capacity of 2312 megawatts.  This information comes from Sourcewatch, which has a lot of other information on Wyoming’s electrical system at this link.  Neither of these two plants is a match for WV’s massive John Amos plant, the largest coal burner in AEP’s whole national system, with a capacity rating of 2933 megawatts, but they are big ‘uns.

Note also that two other projects are connected to Gateway West to create a single huge line hundreds of miles long.  This mega-line will connect Wyoming’s coal fired power to California’s very lucrative (just ask Enron) power markets through its western terminus in Oregon.  The whole set up is much like PATH and TrAIL connecting WV’s coal fired plants to markets on the East Coast.

Same coal by wire, just that the wire’s a little longer out west.

One thought on “Take a Look at Obama’s Fast Tracked Power Lines

  1. I’ve got a link up to your site in today’s post (don’t know why the Comments won’t post it) and posted the $60 million article that Scott sent around. Glad to see overview of the other projects, I’ve not gotten around to digging into the other 5 that I’m not involved with. On the two that I am, the common thread is that the fed environmental review is taking a long time, but feds taking time is not deemed “delay,” as only states can “delay.” So this is probably about Obama leaning on his federal agencies to ram it through. If they can’t get legislation through to do it, then perhaps executive order? Obama’s in charge of his agencies, and we’ll see how far he goes to please his corporate masters.

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