Circuit Court Hearing on Mt. Airy Substation Zoning Coming Up on Nov. 14

In one week, the AEP/FE appeal of the Frederick County Zoning Board of Appeals denial of their zoning modification for the “Kemptown” substation is set for its first hearing.  CAKES has posted links to all of the memoranda  filed by the parties in the case.  Here is a link to the page on the CAKES site where you can find these filings.

If you are interested in the PATH case at all, you should look at these filings, because they are very entertaining.  AEP/FE whine in their petition about lots of irrelevant problems they had fighting an informed citizenry in Frederick County.  They also go on and on about how much the substation and PATH are needed.  As the respondents point out in their pleadings, all of this is completely irrelevant to any appeal of the Zoning Board of Appeals decision.

If you have not been following AEP/FirstEnergy’s zoning headaches and PR disaster in Frederick County, MD, reading the initial summaries in the pleadings will give you some good background.  West Virginians need to step up and support our friends in Frederick County who are fighting plans to build one of the largest electrical substations (42 acres) in the world.  If FirstEnergy is allowed to build this unnecessary monstrosity, West Virginia, especially the Eastern Panhandle, will always be under the gun from boondoggle transmission projects.

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