Solar Power Producers Force WV PSC’s Hand on Renewable Energy Credits

The WV PSC has failed to act to set up renewable energy credit markets that were mandated in 2009 by the WV Legislature.  Greenbrier County solar power installer Bob Hoffa has taken action to force the WV PSC to act on creating a renewable energy credit market in WV.  He has begun filing petitions to have his customers’ solar power systems certified as producers of renewable energy credits.

Here is a link to one of these petitions on file at the WV PSC Web site. Important update 11/16/2011: The citation of the WV Code in the early filings (including the one I have linked to) refers to WV Code 524.  This is incorrect.  The chapter symbol apparently translated over from .pdf format to Word as a 5.  The correct citation, which appears in several places in this petition, should be “WV Code Chapter 24”.  The rest of that citation is correct.

If you are currently producing solar power at your home or business, I strongly suggest you file your own petition for certification with a complete description of your system.  If you have already been certified in other states through SREC Trade or another broker, you can probably just file a copy of your certification application from that process as your WV PSC petition.  If you don’t produce your own power, but know someone who does, tell them about filing for certification.

Keep in mind that only grid tied solar power systems are able to sell renewable energy credits, because those credits are based on renewable power that is put into the regional grid from your system.  Stand alone, off-grid systems cannot qualify.

WV government is not responding, so we will have to take the initiative to get this done.

Cross posted from Coalition for Reliable Power

Update 11/13/2011 – I prepared my petition for certification to the PSC this evening.  It’s going in to the PSC tomorrow morning.  How about you?

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