Charleston Daily Mail Running About Three Months Behind

Where has the Charleston Daily Mail been since August?  Or are they just trying to keep up the coal industry propaganda drumbeat against the EPA?

And yes, Ken Ward, they actually used the word “brownout” as part of the scare editorial.

The Daily Mail apparently just discovered the issue that was in the national press (as well as here on The Power Line, StopPATH WV and Coal Tattoo) back in late August and early September.

The Daily Mail’s editors would have done well to actually read the report that our regional grid manager, PJM Interconnection, released last summer about the situation.  It is far from this claim in the Daily Mail editorial:

But the president and his allies disapprove of coal and want Americans to rely on natural gas, wind and solar power instead. They are clearly willing to risk brownouts and economic harm to get what they want.

Change is hard, but these EPA rules are not coming out of the blue, or at the last minute, as the Mail claims.  The timetable for the development of these rules and limits has been in the works for decades.  If the coal-fired electric power industry wanted to ignore them until the last minute and hope that political blackmail would save their necks (and their power plants) then that is not the EPA’s fault.

But one thing should be clear:  the adjustments required by the retirement of the oldest, highest cost coal fired power plants can be accommodated by our current electrical grid managers without any “brownouts and economic harm.”  If the Daily Mail’s motives had been to honestly report the news, then they should have done so back when this issue was news.  Today’s editorial indicates that their real motivations lie elsewhere.

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