7 thoughts on “Park Service Deadline Passes on PATH EIS

  1. Another what’s the deal is – What’s the deal with the $1,634,863 that PATH the NPS for the EIS work in 2010 for work to take place in 2011… it’s even earning them a return! Sweet deal huh? Wonder if NPS will return the bulk?

  2. Keep in mind that much of that money probably went to the consulting firm CH2M Hill for work they did on the scoping document. Then CH2M Hill disappeared from the EIS process. Has NPS paid another big chunk of cash to a new consultant that hasn’t done anything so far?

    There are lots of questions about this EIS process that need to be answered.

  3. This was money invoiced in 2010 for work to be done in 2011. At least that’s how it was done the previous year (invoiced in 2009 for work to be done in 2010). So yes, that’s what I mean by “what’s the deal…”

    • Nope didn’t see a credit out of the over one mil that ch2m hill supposedly burned through in 2010 – but none of us can figure out how what they did could cost that much…. I’m sure it was just a JE 😉

      Wonder how much they were credited for the 2011 charges?

  4. Oh, that’s right, one of those invisible, nonexistent, incomprehensible, JEs that don’t appear in the account detail. If we want to count in the NFS too, the EIS process blew through around $2M in 2010. What’s really great about a federal agency like NPS/NFS though is that they are subject to FOIA, and when they receive a request, they usually comply instead of making up ridiculous stories about how individuals don’t have standing, or that only companies and “entities” are “persons” entitled to exercise their rights, blah, blah, blah.

    Wonder how much they were billed for 2012 in 2011? Suspension is so expensive!

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