Cheney/Wellinghoff Vision

In my last post, and in many other posts on The Power Line, I discussed the 2001 Cheney secret energy task force and its continued impacts.  In the right hand column, I have a link to Chapter 7 of the report that the secret task force published.  This chapter, titled “America’s Energy Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Delivery System,” includes many recommendations that inspired the attempt to federalize high voltage transmission control in the 2005 Energy Policy Act.

It is important to read the words in this chapter, but I also think the pictures provide a clearer understanding of the Cheney/AEP/Enron vision behind Chapter 7.

Here is one of several artsy, romanticized pictures of high voltage transmission lines you will find in Chapter 7.  This one appears to be through wild mountainous terrain, perhaps in the Cascades or the Sierra Nevada.  It is a chilling vision.

One more note — This kind of stacked right of way, with multiple transmission lines is exactly what has happened with the TrAIL line in eastern WV as TrAIL was put alongside existing transmission lines coming from Dominion’s Mt. Storm plant.  This is also what much of the PATH right of way would have looked like, as it was planned to share a right of way with TrAIL as well.  Plans for the Susquehanna-Roseland line also involve turning most of the right of way into this kind of multi-line mess, including the section through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  This is the Cheney/Wellinghoff vision for your future.

One thought on “Cheney/Wellinghoff Vision

  1. Hah! I thought the same thing about that picture yesterday. Was it Louis Berger that had the dark & scary, “manly” transmission lines in their ridiculous brochure?

    The power company players get played with their own propaganda tactics by shysters like Louis Berger marketing their “services.”

    And that’s a real knee-slapper!

    What was it P.T. Barnum said? Yeah, that 😉

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