Dominion’s Mt. Storm-Doubs Rebuild Status: “We’re Not PATH”

I was looking around for a status update on Dominion Energy’s rebuilding of the Mt. Storm, WV to Doubs, MD 500 kV transmission line.  You may recall that this project was one of several stakes driven through the heart of the still undead PATH zombie last year.  Here is the Mt. Storm-Doubs project page on Dominion’s Web site.

Here’s the latest update:

PROJECT UPDATE: West Virginia Structure Foundation Installation

Phase One of the rebuild project is underway in Grant Count proceeding east toward Hardy County, West Virginia. Survey crews have marked the approximate locations for these first foundations and have begun installing foundations on the western-most portion of the project, moving east.

We have had some word of mouth reports from West Virginia land owners in the Eastern Panhandle of obnoxious behavior by some Dominion construction people, but generally, the project seems to be going smoothly.

One thing is clear from Dominion’s project page, they don’t want people to confuse their rebuild project with PATH.  Dominion put a special disclaimer at the bottom of their Web page.  Here is clear evidence of the damage that AEP/FirstEnergy have done to the electrical power industry with their PATH project:

PLEASE NOTE: Dominion is NOT involved in the PATH project in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. Dominion’s rebuild of its Mt. Storm to Doubs line is entirely separate from PATH.

It is pretty funny though.

3 thoughts on “Dominion’s Mt. Storm-Doubs Rebuild Status: “We’re Not PATH”

  1. Dear Powerline Friends,
    I own 4 acres under the Doubs line in Hampshire County. They have been working on the Doubs line rebuild for several months. They have poured foundations for most of the new towers, have fixed up and built new roads to support the rebuild, and have redone some spots on the main road.
    As you may remember, I was an intervenor against the PATH. I’m not thrilled with this rebuild, but it does make more sense than PATH. The Dominion contractors have done a lot of work not related to the powerline rebuild that was nice of them to do. I do appreciate that. Still, there are three huge powerlines in the North River Valley, all with a mile of me, and that seems excessive.
    Peace, Love, Happiness and Equality Forever,
    Robin Mills

    • Thank you, Robin, for the view on the ground. Firsthand reports are always more accurate than power company PR. Always good to hear from one of the friends I made fighting PATH.

  2. They’ve been loudly proclaiming they are not PATH from the very beginning. They went to great lengths to demonstrate their un-PATH-ness, made a bunch of big promises…. that we intend to hold them to. Glad to hear from someone who was treated decently, since the other stories I have heard haven’t been quite so nice. Complaints are frequent, praise is much rarer because it takes energy that just doesn’t exist when the customer is satisfied.

    PATH will always be the “what not to do” for transmission planning & siting forevermore. Unfortunately, the power companies still haven’t figured out exactly what they *should* be doing. Not very apt pupils…

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