New Combined Cycle Generation Coming to Delaware — Maybe

Still think there will be a lack of new generating capacity in the eastern load zones of PJM?  Still think PATH is needed to prevent brownouts and blackouts on the East Coast?

You’ll need a subscription to read the whole story on SNL Financial’s Web site, but the one sentence teaser answers all your questions:

Calpine is pursuing plans to develop more than 900 MW of new, combined-cycle gas generation in Delaware, a sign the company sees a market for new generation in the PJM region.

900 megawatts is a lot of power.

Update:  Apparently, SNL Financial may be wrong about this Calpine gas plant.  Here is another link that describes the Delaware plant as 309 MW and that there is still some uncertainty about it.  Regardless of what happens with this particular Calpine plant, clearly the market for new gas-fired generation on the East Coast is opening up, and we will see a lot more in the future.

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