We made progress yesterday and this morning.

Yesterday, the House Finance Committee passed a committee substitute for HB4530 which restricts the bubble bond bailout of APCo only to APCo’s existing coal-created debt.

This morning, Keryn’s op ed piece detailing obstruction of the least cost planning bill, SB162, by AEP and FirstEnergy lobbyists ran in the Gazette.  Remember that the Gazette link will die after a week.

cross posted on Coalition for Reliable Power

2 thoughts on “Progress/Obstruction

  1. Wind, solar and hydro fuel prices NEVER fluctuate or rise. New wind is now less expensive per kW installed than new coal and solar PV is expected to fall below new coal within a decade. Irrespective of the environmental issues, coal is simply going to cost more than any other fuel choice soon. (except new nuclear).

    • And once renewable power reaches a critical mass on a particular dispatch system, it almost always is dispatched ahead of coal, because its marginal price is so low. In areas where there is significant wind energy in a dispatch system, wind actually drives coal-fired power out of the market.

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