4 thoughts on “PATH’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Hey now… I don’t have an adversarial relationship with FERC. The problem is not with FERC, but with abuse of the FERC process by certain investor-owned utilities. FERC has been properly responsive, in their own slow way.

    For instance:

    On Dec. 30, FERC found that, “…the consumers have demonstrated that they
    have a direct interest in the PATH Companies’ rates that will be flowed through to them.”

    On Feb. 16, FERC stated that, “…PATH’s Annual Updates and any related challenges filed in the above dockets and Docket No. ER09-1256-000 will be addressed in Docket No. ER09-1256-000, consistent with the formula rate implementation protocols providing specific procedures for notice, review, and challenges to these Annual Updates.”

    In addition, FERC has commenced compliance audits of both TrAILCo (PA12-18) and FirstEnergy’s merger (PA12-5). The FirstEnergy one was commenced very shortly after FERC was notified that both PATH and TrAILCo subsidiaries of the company had been recovering merger costs from ratepayers, in direct contravention of the companies’ hold harmless clause in their FERC merger order whereby they promised that no expenses of the merger would become the responsibility of electric consumers. Audits take about a year to complete.

    It’s all running right on schedule in FERC’s twilight zone time warp.

    P.S. They do have security right inside the doors. You can’t get in unless you know the secret password.

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