The Deed Is Done — NPS Caves to Obama Ramrodding — Recommends S-R Route Through Delaware Water Gap NRA

The National Park Service dropped their no build recommendation today, and bowed down to the Obama Administration’s “mitigation” deal with PSEG.  The NPS is now recommending that the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission line should go right through the middle of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.

Here’s a link to a news story on the situation.  The story includes a good assessment by Jeff Tittel, director of the New Jersey Sierra Club:

Under a mitigation plan proposed by the utilities, they agreed to spend $30 million to $40 million to purchase or preserve thousands of acres that would add to federal land holdings and protect vistas.

But Tittel said the plan was submitted on the last day of the public comment period and was not subject to public comment. He added the destruction of a national park cannot be mitigated.

“This is all about the power of money,” he said.

The park service is expected to release a final environmental impact statement on the Susquehanna-Roseland project in August, followed by another public comment period. The final “decision of record” is to be released on Oct. 1.

The “mitigation” deal was cut by Sec. of Interior Salazar in Washington, and the power companies dropped it into the process at the very end of the public comment period, so that no one at NPS could analyze it.  The whole stinking mess had “done deal” written all over it.  And it came directly from the Obama White House.

3 thoughts on “The Deed Is Done — NPS Caves to Obama Ramrodding — Recommends S-R Route Through Delaware Water Gap NRA

  1. The utilities have had legal, binding right to the Existing right-of-way for over 40 years BEFORE that area was a National Recreation Area, the problem is not the utilities, its the
    uneducated people that base their every opinion on emotions, not fact.

    • Here’s the fact, Boris. The upgrade for the S-R line is not needed, because the claims by PSEG and PPL and PJM concerning reliability issues are no longer valid. That is the fact.

      It also appears that you are working for PSEG, because their prior claim to the right of way is just one of the outrageous claims that PSEG wants to make to violate federal law. The fact that a right of way existed before the NRA has no bearing on the proper enforcement of the Environmental Policy Act.

      Sorry to upset your emotions, Boris.

  2. But……….. it is a National Recreation Area now, “Boris,” and therefore it is now subject to NEPA review. Do you also think that PSE&G and PPL are going to honor the title to land needed for their unnecessary little project that others have held for many years BEFORE the power companies thought they’d get rich building a transmission line to ship 5,000 MW of coal-by-wire to New Jersey?

    The problem is the greedy utilities, their “regional” cartel PJM, and uneducated “it’s not in my backyard” sheep like Boris who have had a nice, long drink of power company Koolaid and don’t realize how their own emotions have been played by corporate propaganda.

    Hey Boris, did you know that the $40M bribe the power companies offered to the NPS in exchange for approving the destruction of the park is going to come out of YOUR pocket and earn the power companies 12.9% interest every year for at least the next 50 years? The power companies are only too happy to pay a bribe to the federal government because it doesn’t cost them anything, and in fact actually makes even more money for them. The more the power companies spend on the S-R line, the more they earn. Is S-R “in your backyard” now that it’s got its hand in your pocket? Or don’t you mind paying higher electric rates to finance Ralph’s next sports car or private, tropical island paradise? While you’re breathing in the wafting fossil fuel pollution from the west, Ralph is going to be sipping fruity drinks on the veranda. Enjoy!

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