Park Service Dumps PATH EIS

Here is the joint letter from regional directors of the National Park Service to AEP/FE’s PATH attorneys:

We have reviewed the PATH Companies’ December 16, 2011 letter to the Regional Directors of the National Park Service (NPS) National Capital and Northeast Regions requesting an extension to the suspension (“abeyance”) of permit processing for the Potomac Appalachian Transmission Highline (PATH) project. After careful consideration, we cannot continue to hold this project in abeyance. The NPS has decided to deny the request for an extension, and accordingly, to deny the permit without prejudice.

We will close out the preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement and the administrative file, including a Notice to Terminate in the Federal Register. Consistent with our record retention schedules under the Federal Records Act and applicable policy and guidance, we will retain appropriate records and data.

If the PATH project status changes and the line is reauthorized, with a clear public need established, you may reapply without bias.

Here’s the link to the letter on the NPS Web site.

So the Park Service Environmental Impact Statement process that was started three years ago has now been terminated.  If AEP/FE want to get PATH started again, they will have to start from scratch at the National Park Service.

If only FERC had such good sense.

One thought on “Park Service Dumps PATH EIS

  1. Abrahan Lincoln said, “RIGHT IS MIGHT”. NPS – the only federal agency responsible
    for permanent public ownership of qualified open spaces for outdoor recreation and
    relaxation – National Park Service must hold its own ground despite continuous
    overtures to encroach upon unavailable public acreage. The U. S. Dept of Interior
    should stand behind National Park Service and, if need be, petitions from citizens of
    regions where “would-be” inroads threaten more and more of our Nation’s formally
    chosen Parks-in-perpetuity.. America does not have a land shortage. The only
    shortage that exists apparently is a shortage of respect for citizens’ rights to own
    unique geograhic regions that provide respite as defined in the Statue of Liberty.

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