Germany Leads the World in “Base Load” Renewable and Distributed Generation

This post is for all the WV whiners who claim that base load coal generation is essential to our electrical system.  The Germans, as usual, are proving this obsolete fable wrong.  Here’s the evidence.  All you need is ingenuity and the political will, two things sorely lacking in WV.

Here’s something else in the article that blew me away:

In March, Berlin utility Vattenfall Europe announced plans to launch its own virtual power plants, and the trend is spreading beyond utilities: phone company Deutsche Telekom last week began selling small gas-fired boiler-generators to residential customers. They’ll be connected to the Internet via DSL or wireless, allowing them to heat homes or be added together as a virtual power station utilities can call on.

Yes, you read that right.  Deutsche Telekom is selling combination heating/electrical generators for individual homeowners.  This is not some futuristic plan.  Note the “last week” in the quote above.

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