Wind Power in the Alleghenies

I am a member of the WV Highlands Conservancy.  Since the first wind farms were proposed in the Allegheny Highlands, the Conservancy has been trying to figure out how to respond.  On the one hand, wind power appears to be a real alternative to coal for electricity production.  On the other hand, ridgetop wind farms in pristine areas can have dramatic negative impacts on their immediate areas.  In the May issue of the Conservancy’s monthly newsletter, the Highlands Voice, the Conservancy’s board of directors asked readers for their opinions on the situation to help the board sort out the relevant issues.

In the June issue of the Voice, the Conservancy published three articles, including one from me, addressing the mountaintop wind farm situation.  My piece starts on page 14, after the other two articles.  Here is a link to the online Voice.

You can also learn a lot by browsing the rest of the publication, especially from Cindy Rank’s reporting on the Conservancy’s law enforcement projects.

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