Calhoun Citizen Ali Haverty Thumps PATH at FERC — Again

Every year, in July, FERC rules require PATH to open its books to any interested parties so that we can see what they have been charging us for the zombie PATH project over the last year.  Yup.  We’re still paying for it.

As each year goes by, PATH’s lawyers have tried harder and harder to keep citizens out of their arcane and obscure processes.  For the last two years, PATH’s lawyers have tried to shut rate payers, who end up paying all the charges for PATH, out of the entire process, claiming that the term “interested parties” applies only to the power companies what would actually buy the now non-existent power from the non-existent, but still expensive, PATH line.

As Power Line readers know, West Virginians Keryn Newman and Alison Haverty flat out kicked PATH butt last year on this issue, when FERC ruled in their favor on this issue.

A few weeks ago, PATH sent out emails to past participants in the process telling them that PATH lawyers would withhold the conference call number and entry code from anyone who wasn’t an interested party, according to PATH’s own definition.  Ruh roh.  That made Ali mad.  She fired off a formal complaint to FERC and asked for expedited treatment, because the PATH conference call is coming up in two weeks.  FERC set a deadline of July 5 for PATH to respond.

Well, today, PATH blinked.  Here is a link to StopPATH WV and Keryn’s take on PATH’s most recent defeat.


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