The PATH Zombie Could Be Dead

Remember this post where I tried to read the PJM Kremlinology concerning the future of PATH?  Remember PJM’s Steve Herling telling Pam Kasey at The State Journal that PJM’s board of managers would make a final decision on PATH in “June or July”?

Read this new post by Keryn at StopPATH WV.

PJM’s Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee has just issued its latest reliability update on the PJM system.  Here’s a direct link to the TEAC report.  Here are some important features of that report:

  • PJM didn’t even bother to model either MAPP or PATH in the analysis
  • MAPP has dropped off all reliability need scenarios for the 2012 RTEP
  • The CETO value, which is the required transfer capability of power when the system is under stress in the models, is less than the CETL limit for safety on the system, which means that PJM’s current system can handle any of the problems they threw at it in their modeling, thus, no reliability problems anticipated in the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • The need for PATH has completely disappeared from the analysis.

There is a conference call with the TEAC, which is taking place until about 3:00 pm today.  I will post again if the TEAC reveals any specific plans about PATH.

It could all be over for the zombie after today.

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