Grounded Has Good Coverage of Century Hostage Case at PSC

We are now in the middle of the battle between APCo and Century Aluminum, with the WV Energy Users Group in the peanut gallery, at the WV PSC.  The large, out-of-state corporations are all vying to see which one will shake down APCo’s residential rate payers.

Pam Kasey is following the case closely, and turned in a great account of Day 1 here.

Century’s lawyers are spinning a great tale of how other rate payers will pay for their electricity for the next five years or so, when the economy will turn around and aluminum prices will rise and flowers will bloom everywhere.  By the end of ten years, everything will be lovely and Century will pay back all its debts.  Except, as Kasey points out, Century already owes rate payers a lot of money, before their new fairytale adventure.

If you want detailed, clear coverage of this case, Grounded is where to find it.

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