Breaking: PATH ZOMBIE DEAD, MAPP Dead as Well

It has finally happened.  Here is the link to the PJM Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee’s slide show for the Aug. 9 TEAC meeting.

Here is the money quote from page of the slide show:

PJM staff will be recommending to the PJM Board at their Friday, August 24, 2012 meeting to cancel the PATH project.

It’s finally over.  Keep in mind that this failed fevered fantasy, cooked up by PJM and its cartel members AEP and Allegheny Energy, will cost all of us rate payers in PJM a quarter of a BILLION dollars.  Keryn has the numbers here.  We have already paid nearly $95 million, to which more will be added.  When PATH is officially dead, AEP/FirstEnergy, PATH’s current owners, will apply to recover $130 million in abandonment costs.  The abandonment cost process is designed to allow them to recover all their costs, plus FERC’s guaranteed return on equity, that have not yet been taken from rate payers.

The final reliability test performed by PJM engineers has shown that there are no thermal violations on any 500 kV circuits as a result of the N-1-1 contingency test, the final test to be run for the 2012 RTEP.

The PJM staff will also recommend that the MAPP line be cancelled at the August 24 PJM Board of Managers meeting.

So far, the TrAIL line is the only Project Mountaineer high voltage transmission line that has been built.  The Susquehanna-Roseland line, as useless as all the other Project Mountaineer lines, has gotten all PA and NJ state approvals, and the Obama administration ramrodded the federal approvals to pave the way for the line’s construction.  Citizen groups have appealed the NJ BPU approval to the NJ Supreme Court, and that appeal is still pending.

More misguided transmission projects are popping up all around the country.  Citizens will fight every single one, until there is a sane electrical policy in our country.

5 thoughts on “Breaking: PATH ZOMBIE DEAD, MAPP Dead as Well

  1. Thanks Bill. I’m satisfied that this fight is probably over with a lot of help from “The Power Line”. Not sure what the next fight is going to look like, i.e., probably natural gas.
    BTW, Dawson Geophysical recently contacted me about my “last opportunity to claim your money from us” for the survey work they did on my property.
    Told ’em that they owe me a lot more than $324 and that cashing their check will not change my position, my complaint, or my demand for substantially more compensation.
    Gotta wonder who comes up with the compensation “value”!?! In my mind, it smacks of extortion. They come on to your property, tell you what they owe you, and by cashing their check, you have given away your rights.

  2. That’s good news, but I cannot imagine them not coming through the back door with something. With the costs of coal and natural gas at current prices, these outfits will make money hand over fist with current rates.

  3. Kudos, Bill, to you and Keryn and all the concerned folks who came together and worked so hard on this. It’s at least one example that you actually can “fight city hall” and win.

  4. This is wonderful news!!!

    Bill, you did a great service by writing and maintaining this blog. It has always been an excellent source of information and well-written commentary about PATH and the other Project Mountaineer lines.

    Pat yourself on the back. You fought the good fight and won!

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