3 thoughts on “PATH Decision? PJM Won’t Tell Us

  1. No, I really didn’t. The information came from one of our other compatriots who took the initiative to make an inquiry, but since folks seemed to be on the edge of their seats today, thought I’d at least pass it on.

  2. Everyone who believes PATH is dead, stand on your heads. Since, that is 14 billion dollars that PJM will not realize, I don’t think they are going to walk away without skulduggery. Like buying off the PSC’s and appropriate bodies. Danny Lutz

    • Danny,

      I think you are wrong. PATH is dead. The Mt. Storm-Doubs rebuild has solved PJM’s NERC violation issues. Long term demand trends and demand management have ended PJM’s false “congestion” claims. In a few years, where won’t be enough coal plants around in OH and WV to pump much “cheap” coal fired power into the western end of any coal by wire project like PATH. New gas plants in eastern load zones are already making Project Mountaineer’s pipedreams a thing of the past.

      That said, there will be other projects and other fakery in PJM and beyond. We are already seeing how FirstEnergy is gaming the capacity markets to get a bunch of their transmission upgrades paid for by PJM rate payers.

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