Let the WV DoE Know What You Think

Every five years, the WV Division of Energy creates a five year energy plan for WV.

Here is what the WV Code says the Division of Energy is supposed to do:

Creation of the division is intended to provide leadership for developing energy policies emphasizing the increased efficiency of energy use, the increased development and production of new and existing domestic energy sources, the increased awareness of energy use on the environment and the economy, dependable, efficient and economical statewide energy systems capable of supporting the needs of the state, increased energy self-sufficiency where the ratio of indigenous to imported energy use is increased, reduce the ratio energy consumption to economic activity and maintain low-cost energy. The energy policies and development plans shall also provide direction for the private sector.

If you don’t think any of that is happening right now, particularly in WV’s electricity system, quit bitching and start writing.

In mid-August, the Division of Energy posted the three parts of its draft energy plan for 2013 to 2017 on its Web site here, here and here.  I think it is pretty goofy to publish a draft plan that doesn’t connect the dots among the state’s fossil fuel industry, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency, so you will have to read all three sections and pull them together yourself.

Once you have read the plan, you have three choices.  You can submit your comments by snail mail on paper, you can submit them on a form at the Division’s Web site here, or you can attend one of three public meetings and submit comments in person.

Here is the information on the public meetings taken from Pam Kasey’s story on Grounded:

The public meetings will take place at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena in Huntington, the Erickson Alumni Center at WVU and the Martinsburg Holiday Inn.

Registration begins at each venue at 9 a.m., and meetings begin at 9:30.

Asked why meetings are scheduled at a time of day when most people are at work, Herholdt said similar meetings held during the workday for the 2007 energy plan attracted large numbers of participants, so evening meetings were not considered at this time.

Presentations at each meeting will be followed by time for public recommendations, which will be spoken before those assembled. Suggestions also are accepted at www.energywv.org/energyplan.

Be aware that all commenters at the public meetings will be limited to two minutes, so you should probably also submit written comments if you have more to say.

2 thoughts on “Let the WV DoE Know What You Think

  1. Without researching the source of the proposal, the WV DoE should: 1) Initiate a program for “microgrids” to moderate the impacts of power outages, such as the occasional “derecho” 2) Encourage local generation of of electricity by renewable means 3) Adopt a meaningful NET METERING SYSTEM that will actually compensate the homeowner instead of forcing the homeowner to donate generated power to the utility after 12 months.

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