PEPCo Holdings Has Filed to Have Us Pay MAPP’s Abandonment Costs

Keryn has the story here.  PEPCo Holdings, Inc., the owner of the deceased MAPP line wants to dump $87.5 million in rate increases on all PJM rate payers, to go along with the $121 million that AEP/FirstEnergy want for the non-existent PATH.

As Keryn puts it so well:

So, the abandoned PATH project is proposed to cost consumers $250M [this includes all costs that PATH has recovered to date, including the abandonment cost], and now the MAPP project isn’t far behind.  Cost of PJM’s failed Project Mountaineer initiative to electric consumers in 13 states, plus the District of Columbia, could approach a half billion dollars, while absolutely NO benefit was received for this outrageous consumer expenditure.

Consumers can’t afford the PJM cartel’s poor planning any longer.

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