RTOs Not So Big

Despite FERC’s desperate efforts for the last 10 years to create federal control over the US electrical system through its Regional Transmission Organizations, a lot of the US is still not controlled by RTOs.

Here is a good map from a recent Government Accounting Office Web site that shows how much of the US is still beyond the reach of RTOs:

Since the early 2000s, FERC has been trying to force power companies into RTOs to expand FERC’s control as the federal government steadily eroded state control over public utilities.  The result has been a loss of state sovereignty and the creation of a huge transmission boondoggle that is draining resources from needed distribution system maintenance and upgrades.

3 thoughts on “RTOs Not So Big

  1. It’s either colors, or it’s chickenpox and amoebas, but to mix both on the same map for no reason is just… stupid. Because the east cost RTOs are smaller and more jammed together, it would have made more of an impact and been clearer to also color them with bright colors. Maybe they ran out of red, yellow and green on the GAO color wheel… budget cuts, ya know.

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