Ohio Rejection of New Solar Plant May Kill 330 Jobs

The recent rejection of AEP’s planned 50 kV solar generation plant by the OH PUCO and FirstEnergy-backed Gov. Kasich could end up killing a Spanish company’s plan to open a new plant in Ohio.

Of course, the US electrical industry doesn’t do advanced power generation work any more, so when AEP needed a new solar power station to comply with OH’s RPS requirements, it contacted Isfoton, a Spanish manufacturer of solar power components.  Before his appointed PUCO Commissioners stabbed Isfoton in the back, Gov. Kasich had begged the company to locate in Napoleon, OH.  Here’s a report from an Ohio TV station:

The attraction was a $180-million  project to build the Turning Point solar field in Noble County in southeast Ohio for American Electric Power.   Henry County commissioner, Glenn Miller says, Isofoton did what it was supposed to do:  move to Ohio and create jobs.  But, he added, “Now they were waiting for a positive decision from the public utilities commission and it’s not happening.”

PUCO commissioners rejected the project.

Now, 330 new jobs at Isofoton may never see the light of day.

Where are the media stories about Ohio’s War on Solar and job killing Republicans?

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