WV Rate Payers Financing Secret S-R Land Scheme

Keryn has a great post today that fills us in on the latest news from the Susquehanna-Roseland transmission project.  When we last left the S-R project, under pressure from the Obama Administration and the just-resigned Secretary of the Interior Salazar, the National Park Service had just agreed to allow PSEG to run the project through an existing right of way in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.  The sleazy deal, which threw out the existing environmental impact process, forced the NPS to accept new land to be added to DWGNRA in exchange for allowing the S-R project to go forward along PSEG’s preferred route.

This scheme also involved a so-called “environmental” group that was going to act as PSEG’s real estate developer.

If you live anywhere in the PJM Interconnection region, including WV, you should read Keryn’s post.  PSEG and the National Park Service want you to fork over $66 million plus a 12.9% return on equity forever as part of this deal.

And to top it off, PSEG and NPS want to keep the whole deal secret.  It’s just another PJM/power company pig in a poke – and we’re the chumps.

Keep in mind that the S-R line is only the second of four Project Mountaineer transmission lines that has gotten this far.  PJM cancelled PATH and MAPP for a lot of the same reasons that would cancel the S-R line if it were under scrutiny today.  Under FERC’s and PJM’s processes, however, once the power line train has left the station, it can’t be called back, even if it is no longer needed.  It’s quite likely that the S-R line is no longer feasible or cost effective, but it remains on FERC’s fast track to nowhere.

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