Maryland Takes Major Step Toward Self-Reliance

The Maryland General Assembly passed the Maryland Offshore Wind Energy Act of 2013 on Monday.  This bill provides rate payer subsidies to what may be the first offshore wind farm constructed in the US, in Maryland.

Finally, Maryland electricity consumers will be taking responsibility for producing their own electricity, instead of importing it from other states.  Not only will Maryland be standing up for self-reliance, they will be eliminating the need for new transmission lines across WV, to carry either coal-fired power or power from Midwest wind farms.

Thank you, Maryland Offshore Wind Coalition, who has been leading the fight for this bill since 2010.  The General Assembly failed twice to pass this law, but the citizens pushing it didn’t give up.  And they won!

2 thoughts on “Maryland Takes Major Step Toward Self-Reliance

  1. Great news for Maryland and other areas subject to the economic and environmental injustice of new transmission lines thousands of miles long to purportedly import wind from the midwest or coal from West Virginia. Maryland doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it. It’s about time Maryland looked at resources in its own backyard!

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