Why Is this Not Surprising? WV PSC Won’t Investigate FirstEnergy Billing Chaos

Here’s the story from the Martinsburg Journal:

After reviewing both individual customer complaints, as well as the information Potomac Edison provided, Johnson said the [WV] Commission is satisfied with its process of handling the complaints.

“At this time, the Commission does not see the disruption associated with launching a general investigation,” Johnson said. “If in the future the Commission sees something that warrants a further review, this is something (it) would look into.”

We also know that the MD PSC has opened an investigation into the FirstEnergy subsidiary that serves both the Eastern Panhandle of WV and MD, Potomac Edison.  WV PSC rules require WV utilities to read meters at least every other month.  But the WV PSC staff believes that FirstEnergy has good excuses, in particular that this winter was a little colder than past winters.

What?  Mail carriers deliver mail every day.  FirstEnergy’s meter readers as so fragile they can’t manage to get out to read meters six times a year?

By the way, Mon Power’s customers in WV are having the same experiences as Potomac Edison’s customers.  I called in my meter reading on April 18, the date specified on my last electric bill.  The representative told me that my readings (I have a net metered photovoltaic system, so I provide both my usage reading and the amount of power I sold back to Mon Power.) were accepted by the company’s database.

Then, yesterday, I received my April electric bill WITH AN ESTIMATED READING!

So, I had the worst of both worlds.  I had to read my own meter, wait ten minutes on the phone, because FirstEnergy has to have a special person receive meter readings from people with PV systems, and they still estimated my bill.

Did I mention that this was the second month in a row that they estimated my bill?  And no, WV PSC staff people, April wasn’t particularly cold where I live.

2 thoughts on “Why Is this Not Surprising? WV PSC Won’t Investigate FirstEnergy Billing Chaos

  1. I have Mon Power in WV. I have lived in my house since the end of August and my meter has STILL not been read. It has been estimated for 7 months. I have called in multiple times and never even received a call back regarding this issue. If there was any other option for a different company I would take it in a second. Something needs to be done about this.

  2. My meter has been read one time in the past 8 months. Seems, as if, the more I call, the less they read the meter. Even though, I have seen the Mon Power pickup truck pass my home.

    About 9-10 months ago, I was asked to read my own meter. I informed them that I was disabled with only had one leg. I was then asked, could I get someone else to read it! Of course I said yes, Mon Power could read it!! I already pay them for that service?!?! Why pay someone else??

    Every since then, estimate after estimate!!

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