Transmission Activists Meet Up in Wisconsin

I have one more post on the FE Harrison case expert testimony coming, but so much has been happening this week that I have to make some other new posts first.

Last weekend, two West Virginians traveled to Wisconsin to participate in the Wisconsin Energy Action Fair at Mauston.  Yes, this is the power companies’ worst nightmare.  There are thousands of us across the US pushing for a more reliable, less expensive, more sustainable electrical system – and we are working together.

People who fought (and defeated) PATH are now talking and strategizing with people who are fighting fake “green” transmission companies that are using Midwest wind power to hide their real coal-by-wire goals.

Keryn has the details here.  Be sure to read the comments under her post to see what our friends in Wisconsin have to say.

One thought on “Transmission Activists Meet Up in Wisconsin

  1. Sure wish you could have made it. I never thought seriously about residential solar systems until you described your system.

    Then I saw the EEI report. After hearing a parts salesman and installer, I am beginning to realize just how big residential solar is going to become.

    Wow. Solar is on the threshold of becoming economical for consumers and changing the energy industry. When it does happen, the media will give “clean” “renewable” solar all the credit for the change, but the real catalyst is consumers and the losers will be big energy.

    No, the world won’t be peaches and cream with free energy for all, but the dependency on big energy could be forever changed.

    It would have been great to have met you and discussed residential systems, how it is changing and how it is changing the economy.

    Meeting Keyrn, Patience, Rob, Steve, Jane and others was great. Discussing the similarities and differences in our challenges from energy companies claiming new definitions of “needs” for more transmission was good. But, seeing a small piece of the future is the most exciting.

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