CEO Alexander Spinning on Harrison Scheme

Keryn listened to FirstEnergy CEO Tony Alexander tapdance today on the company’s first quarter investor call.  Tony seems to be sending signals that FirstEnergy may be going wobbly on their Harrison power plant transfer to Mon Power.  He said that “Harrison is no longer critical” to FirstEnergy’s business strategy.  Here is a link to Keryn’s post.

Keryn has told me that investment analyst covered Alexander with lots of questions about the Harrison scheme.  We will see if Tony was admitting defeat and plans to withdraw FirstEnergy’s application for the transfer from the WV PSC, or if he was just admitting defeat and plans to face humiliation when the PSC rejects the scheme.

FirstEnergy, and Allegheny Energy before them, has a long history of pursuing regulatory processes long after they are defeated, wasting everyone’s money and time in the process.

When a transcript of the call is posted, I’ll be sure to post a link.

Here is the Web cast of the conference call.  So you can here the spinning yourself.

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