Walmart Planning for Electricity Self-Reliance in 7 Years

Walmart is planning to be operating completely free of utility company electricity in 7 years.

And you’ll see that it has some challenging implications for the current utility business model.

First, consider these key points made by CEO Mike Duke at Walmart’s annual Global Sustainability Milestone Meeting. The company intends to:

  • Produce or procure 7 billion KWh of renewable energy every year (up 600% from 2010 levels!)
  • Reduce the energy intensity of its buildings by 20% compared to 2010 levels
  • Install solar on at least 1,000 rooftops by 2020 (it has 200 in place or in development now)
  • Increase LED usage indoors and outdoors
  • Be supplied 100% by renewable energy by 2020

Walmart’s 600% increase in renewable energy will be the approximate equivalent of two fossil fuel plants.

This is what one of the best most ruthlessly managed companies in the US is planning to do.  And this is at the same time WV politicians and regulators are eliminating incentives for renewable power development in our state.  And our two Ohio-based power companies are trying to dump old coal-fired power plants onto WV rate payers.

One thought on “Walmart Planning for Electricity Self-Reliance in 7 Years

  1. AEP, First Energy and their hostage subsidiaries, with their coal fired behemoths, are on a road destined to have them strangling in their own smokestack dust. It’s as if Henry Ford could not have gotten past his beloved Model T.

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